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Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. We use a cleaning tool which uses 300psi pressure to deodorise and lift most of the dirt from the base of the carpet.



We come to you either at home or at your office car park. We use our own power. We clean, deodorise and will remove 90% of general stains. Our goal is to make your vehicle look as good as new. We clean all passenger vehicles (Buses, Boats, etc) no matter its size. 


Carpet Protection

We provide carpet protection sprays to maintain looks on older carpets or high traffic areas. We protect the entire carpet. Our carpet protection will come with a warranty of 12 months.


Water Extraction

We provide emergency services for carpet water extraction. We will be at your service to extract the water and deodorise to avoid musty smells. If necessary blowers will be set and a second visit will be recommended to inspect, clean and deodorise the carpet.


Upholstered Furniture

Prior to commencing cleaning our technician follows the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions (if available). We recognise fabrics and use the appropriate cleaning methods to obtain best results. 


Pest Control

Our licensed technician will inspect the property and will provide advice to you about health and safety before we begin.

The client will be provided with a service report (as required by the Health Department) once pest control is completed. We do provide a warranty.

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