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About Us

IHS Professionals have been trade experts for more than 25 years. We started off specialising in work with 5 star Hotels since 1973 and expanded on our services over time. Our experience with 5 star hotels has rubbed off on our other services and quality comes naturally.  


We have gained confidence and take pride to maintain 5 star standards when serving our valuable customers.  


Working with us

Our main office is situated in Logan, Queensland but our technicians are spread out with fully equipped vans to serve all our customers (there is a local near you). We are fully insured and recognised by real estate and Corporate building managers.


Our technicians are trained to assist each other’s workloads. Therefore, we never let down our customers no matter how big or tough the job is. One call and there will be a back up in no time. IHS Professionals offer generous discounts as well as funding for charity organisations. This includes religious premises and schools.

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